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I just found my nail polish in the freezer... I don't even know anymore -_-
Almost every girl at my job seems to be obsessed with other girls shoes and jewelry and such, but no one seems to have even noticed that I'm wearing a dog collar today XD
A fanfic story thing where Sam finds out she still has the ghost plant powers from "urban jungle", yes or no? (this is a danny phantom thing, BTW)
My family decided to try fuddruckers today... I've found my new favorite restaurant :love: when I heard about it I thought it was just a glorified McDonald's, I was very wrong XD their buns taste like Olive Garden bread sticks, and they have rare hamburgers. RARE HAMBURGERS! I didn't even know that was a thing! :D
Just saw "a royal problem", it's so awesome! :dummy: and nightmare Celestia is FINALLY (somewhat) cannon! :squee:
Mom just found out that pride month is the same month her birthday is in, she's pretty pissed XD

So, I do plan on doing SOMETHING for pride month, I'm just not exactly sure what yet :shrug: I might draw some of my ocs in the color pallets if their flags, or maybe just holding the flags IDK
Maybe it's just a mix of just watching a bunch of bendy animations and my utter exulstion. But I shit you not, I just saw a bendy cartoon playing on my neighbor's TV through the window.

I only saw it for about 2 seconds, it looked new like flash or something. Bendy was hitting boris with something (i couldn't tell what) and boris was just looking at him unfazed and annoyed... I need sleep, I think I'm starting to see things O_o
is the popcorn shopkin supposed to be a boy or girl? I need to know for something im working on
Why the fuck do I get so many Spanish ads and trailers on YouTube? I mean, I'd think if anything id get Russian ads with all the Russian music I listen to :shrug:
I just got a new phone with a data plan! :squee: I'll probably be more active on my tumblr now, since it's easier to post from mobile (that and most of the things I want to post there are spur of the moment things I usually forget by the time I get to a hot-spot XD)
fun fact about me: ive never had mountain dew before.

we had a potluck today at my work and I was finally able to try it. its pretty good Cutie Thumbs Up not something id drink every day, but I see why its so popular :D
if you see my art on facebook with no credit given, DO NOT report, flag or confront them! comment on my page with a link to the post and I will deal with it as needed. my mother is starting to post pics of my art and I don't want her to know that I have this account. if its not her ill reply saying so.
what does "boojie"(or however you spell it) mean? almost everyone at work says it and im just left staring at them awkwardly Applejack (worry) plz 
anyone who wants me to draw a certain character for them, fire away.

im having horrible artist's block bored 
should I make a journal entry ref thing for leviathian (not just fluffie, the whole species) specific traits, physical features and such?

I cant make polls, so youll have to comment your thoughts. sorry ^^;

edit: "the whole spices"... really autocorrect? -_-
the sketch of bendy is done and I was going to finish it in gel ink then I remembered, my parents can see my book pretty much whenever they want. imagine trying to explain to your mother, who nearly stabed a mans eyes out for acting like a Satanist (its a... long story) why you have a drawing of a demon in your sketchbook... yeah, im just going to complete it in digital
well, ive found something new to obsess over for a while XD ill probably draw him sometime
someone FINALLY makes an emote of this There not so bad... - Pinkamena and its not compatible as an icon  Horrible Wrath 
new mlp au coming soon! Pinkie pie (the Fourth Wall) plz  I still need to work out the details and name it :D im not gonna say a whole lot right now, since its still a wip, but ill answer any questions in the comments ;p
I just got a job! :squee: in a call center. I'd been worried about not being able to do it, then no more than 10 minutes later, I go on YouTube and find THIS first in my recommendeds... and some people don't believe signs
a while back, my mom had this mood ring she wore all the time. ive talked about some of her emotional outbursts, but one day she full on lost it, even ended up throwing things out the car window. well she was wearing it, and I noticed it was changing some very... weird colors. the next day, it was completely black and wouldn't change, and it eventualy started too crack inside and decay.

so, is it possible to kill whatever that stuff is inside that makes it change colors?


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